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Job Title
Date Posted
VC5084 Catering Staff Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5083 Camp Manager Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5082 Trainee Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5081 Geologist (Day/Night) Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5080 Companyman (Day/Night) Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5079 Drivers Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5078 Medic Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5077 Materials man Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5076 HSE Officer Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5075 Oiler (Nights) Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5074 Electrician (Day/Night) Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5073 Mechanic (Day/Night) Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5072 ET (Electronic Tech) Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5071 Chief Electrician Myanmar16/08/2019
VC5070 Chief Mechanic Myanmar16/08/2019
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