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Job Title
Date Posted
VC4826 Junior Sales Assistant (Sales Support) Bangkok Thailand13/06/2018
VC4825 Contract and Claim Manager Singapore07/06/2018
VC4824 Sr. Project Engineer Bangkok Thailand30/05/2018
VC4823 Inspection Manager Bangkok Thailand30/05/2018
VC4822 Sr. Civil Engineer Bangkok Thailand30/05/2018
VC4820 Sr. Admin and Training Officer Bangkok Thailand21/05/2018
VC4819 Procurement Engineer Bangkok Thailand21/05/2018
VC4818 GPS Officer Bangkok Thailand21/05/2018
VC4817 Senior Project Coordinator Thailand18/05/2018
VC4816 Project Procurement Manager Thailand18/05/2018
VC4815 Construction Supervisor - Mechanical Thailand18/05/2018
VC4814 Factory Manager Thailand18/05/2018
VC4813 Maintenance Manager Thailand18/05/2018
VC4812 Operation Division Manager Laos18/05/2018
VC4811 Mechanical Department Manager Laos18/05/2018
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