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Job Title
Date Posted
VC4940 Regional Packaging Specialist Bangkok Thailand02/01/2019
VC4937 Layout Engineer Bangkok Thailand07/12/2018
VC4932 IT Manager Bangkok Thailand09/11/2018
VC4931 Finance Manager Bangkok Thailand09/11/2018
VC4930 Commercial Finance Manager Bangkok Thailand07/11/2018
VC4929 Accounting Manager Bangkok Thailand07/11/2018
VC4927 Piping Designer Bangkok Thailand29/10/2018
VC4926 Pipeline Welding Inspector Kazakhstan29/10/2018
VC4925 Automation Engineer Saraburi26/10/2018
VC4922 Warehouse Assistant Bangkok Thailand19/10/2018
VC4876 Safety Officer Thailand13/09/2018
VC4875 Country Business Development Associate Bangkok Thailand06/09/2018
VC4871 Proposal & Technical Support Manager (Country) Bangkok Thailand29/08/2018
VC4869 Accountant Bangkok Thailand29/08/2018
VC4859 Category Manager, Capital Projects - Asia Pacific Bangkok Thailand08/08/2018
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