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Job Title
Date Posted
VC4670 Energy Revenue Assurance Manager Yangon, Myanmar25/09/2017
VC4669 QAQC Manager Rayong, Thailand15/09/2017
VC4662 Sales Coordinator (Consumer Service Business division) Bangkok Thailand01/09/2017
VC4655 Project Manager Bangkok Thailand04/08/2017
VC4651 Sales Manager-Power Sector Rayong, Mabkha11/07/2017
VC4650 Power Supervisor Myanmar11/07/2017
VC4649 Site Aquisition Coordinator Myanmar11/07/2017
VC4648 CX/TSS Coordinator Myanmar11/07/2017
VC4647 CX- Supervisor Myanmar11/07/2017
VC4646 Drafter Myanmar11/07/2017
VC4645 Project Manager Myanmar11/07/2017
VC4642 Buyer Bangkok Thailand04/07/2017
VC4641 Inspection Manager Bangkok Thailand29/06/2017
VC4636 Display Analyst Bangkok Thailand26/06/2017
VC4635 SEO Specialist Bangkok Thailand26/06/2017
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